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“If you have a dream, then you have an aim and it’s the uniqueness of your aims that make you special.”

— André Schütz

Writer / Speaker

Source for personal motivation, focus and positive life.

Web Cartoons – sometimes with humor, sometimes seriously!

Scala, Akka, Play, Shell and other IT stuff.

IT / Tech Projects

Big-Data in the fields of biochemistry and genetics

Data import, processing and analysis with Apache Zeppelin, Apache Flink and Apache Cassandra in biochemistry and genetics.

IOT backend development for the analysis of machine data

Refactoring and re-implementation of an IOT backend system for the determination, processing and analysis of machine data to enable automated control of equipment.

Microservice system development in the area of car sharing

Refactoring and re-implementation of microservices in the area of car sharing.

Machdudas – Further development of the system with new features

Further development of the Machduda website based on Scala and the Play Framework to implement new features.

Backend Search Technology for Iphone App

Development of a specific search technology solution for automated indexing and delivery of search results.

Tensei-Data: data transformation, data migration, data integration

Open-Source ETL/CDC Tool

Tensei-Data on Github
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Tensei-Data can be used to merge, standardize and simplify data integration, data migration, data transformation and interface management processes which increases efficiency and reduces costs.

This solution is based on the modern technology stack of Akka and Scala. That leads to a high performant, scalable and very flexible application. We can connect and automatically describe almost any source and target system with our dynamic connectors. In the next step you can map the data sources in an intuitive way. In this step, data can be transformed as often as needed to meet the requirements of the target system.

Transformers for the basic issues are already included. Moreover it is possible to automatically execute data integration task by the help of Cronjobs and Triggers. Of course, all work flows can be reused. This avoids additional costs for same or similar processes.

Wegtam Search Agent: Search Technology / Enterprise Search

The search solution provides real-time search on previously indexed data (based on Lucene, the number 1 of the full-text search engines) coupled with a search on the entire data stock. The displayed search results can be refined via facets / filters in real time. Thereby, the relevant content is found even faster.

The flexibility, robustness and security of the system in conjunction with a low effort for maintenance and minimal impact on corporate resources are additional technological features. Moreover, large data sets in structured and unstructured form can be searched with this system.

Wegtam Online Search

Search engine based on the Wegtam search agent, which was taken offline in 2018.

Tsuiseki – Online Traffic Analysis Tool

Development of a high-performance tracking system for data analysis to determine non-human traffic.


Software for the automatic creation of advertising materials based on various parameters and target groups.