Tensei-Data : Data migration, data transformation, data integration

Tensei-Data is our idea of an economical all-in-one data migration tool that can be used for every kind of migration, integration and transformation processes. It reduces the manual effort and increases the reusability of existing solutions.

If you work with data - Tensei-Data is your solution.

Wegtam Search Agent : Enterprise Search for your company

Wegtam is a hybrid search engine that can be integrated into every existing company structure and it is not necessary to replace already existing systems to gain the advantage of a general search over all connected data sources.

Improve your internal and external queries with the economical solution of the Wegtam Enterprise Search system.

Wegtam Online Search : Support the knowledge on the web

The Wegtam Search Agent is our vision of an improved web search and constantly driven by the following main idea: "Keep it simple... and smart"


  • Bachlor Thesis: Motivation of software developers in applying the PSP (Personal Software Process) and TSP (Team Software Process) models (English, University of Rostock, 2005) (download)
  • Motivationsprobleme bei virtueller Gruppenarbeit (German, 2005) (download)
  • Calculation of Sequences of Activities (English, 2005) (download)
  • Steuerplanung bei progressivem Steuertarif (download)
  • Agile software development (German, 2014) (download)
  • Panel Internet of Things at the Cebit 2016 (download)